• Mid-High waist for riding comfort
• Available in Slim Fit and Skinny Fit.
• Regular waist, classic five-pocket design, 2-layer jeans, in Aged Dark Blue colour. Made of 12oz, stretch, + super strong denim, with ½ lined extra abrasion protection liner using Kevlar® thread.

• Fully CE approved – performance level A in accordance with EN 17092 – Enhanced with CE-1 Armour (Removable).
• Resistant to abrasion, tearing and cutting.

• Standard Jeans styling with colour matched external stitching.
• CE-1 approved knee protectors (Removable).

• Hip Protectors Ready.
• Reinforced stitching.

• Easy access “Hidden” External Knee Armour Pockets (Zippered).

Riding Jeans-Pants Washing instructions

  1. Turn your jeans inside out, and zip them up (& button them up too).
  2. When washing jeans, use a mild laundry detergent designed for dark clothing (this will help prevent/reduce fading). You should definitely avoid using any bleach, and fabric softener. A suggestion is to use half a cup of white vinegar (instead of detergent) – in addition to assisting in neutralizing odours, vinegar assists in helping to set colours, making it a great option for black jeans or new jeans that you’re washing for the first time.
  3. Wash denim like you would with any colours – in case of any possible dye transfer.
  4. Next, set your washing machine to the gentle cycle, and choose the cold water option.
  5. We recommend that you Air Dry your jeans – as even though you can machine-wash jeans, you must not put them in the dryer. The best way to air-dry jeans, is to unzip any zippers (& unbutton any buttons); then either line-dry them in the shade, or, lay them flat (in an area with good airflow).

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